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By Esther LeeLady in Red Smiling

“My boyfriend and I want to buy a van and drive across Canada and the United States and then down into Mexico. We want a van we can stand up in, that’s very important. Bigger than a Volkswagen but smaller than an RV, with a little kitchen, fridge and room to store our books and our clothes. It’ll be kind of like camping, but way comfier. We can drive and stop wherever; go hike this mountain and then come back and sleep in the van; go swim in that river and then set up camp. I think we might need $40,000 for the trip. We just got back from Africa and both got jobs in the city. I’m from here and he’s from France, but I want to show him the country and learn it myself. When we’re ready, I think we’ll start in the Maritimes and take four months driving across Canada and into the States, trying to hit up baseball stadiums along the way, because we love baseball. Then we’ll go down into Mexico and live there for a bit, learning Spanish. I want to see the whole world. We’re crazy big travellers, but it’s important to know your home. There’s so much beauty here.”

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