Olivia, 20, barista

By Esther LeeSmiling Lady in front of Brick wall

“I’m going on exchange to Paris next January so I’m saving for that specifically right now. I used to spend a lot of time in Paris when I was a kid so I want to revisit that in my own terms and do my Europe travelling. I’m trying to save about $3,000 and I think it’s…it’s doable. Honestly I’m just working a lot. I pick up all the extra shifts I can get. And I’m living with my parents for the summer so I’m saving a lot of money. I usually have horrible spending habits, but I find that when I have a specific goal, I’m a lot better at saving. I find that knowing I’m doing something like Paris to me is like so much cooler than Toronto, so I can sacrifice having a lot of fun this summer in order to have much more fun next year.”

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