Jen, 33, product buyer

By Esther LeeSmiling Lady sitting on a Bench

“I do a lot of saving and all of the money I have saved over the past couple of years is going towards buying a house. I like living in Toronto. I’m looking to buy somewhere around the St. Clair West area. It’s where my friends live, where my family lives and it’s a good neighbourhood to raise children. I think it’s good to invest in something with a long term benefit, and when you buy property in Toronto you know it’s going to increase in value. My entire career I have been purchasing things to sell for a profit. When I graduated from university in 2008, I started working at TJX, which owns Winners, Homesense and Marshalls. I worked my way up to become a buyer. I think about how each product isn’t necessarily the true cost of what you’re purchasing — the distributor, wholesaler and retailer always have to make money. It’s profit analysis: What are you going to purchase that has the biggest profit reward. Really, most of the things you purchase in life don’t offer much of a reward. You can’t buy a car and have it increase in value. It decreases in value the second you buy it. The only thing, other than the stock market which fluctuates, is the housing market. It is essentially stable and most likely will increase. It’s a good bet.”

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