A gym membership you’ll actually use

By Samantha TiburzioLady Exercising

You’ve got some brand new LuluLemon workout gear and nowhere to go. But you’re feeling motivated and ready to kick your winter flab to the curb. You could head to the gym across town to purchase a membership (free bagels!) and pay anywhere from $750 to $1,000 a year. Or you could save a few bucks and set up a small workout area in your home where you can get in shape. Not only can you have a good time working out alone or with friends, you might shed some pounds without packing on financial baggage. Plus, can you imagine what you’d rather do with the extra money in your bank account?

Let’s run the numbers.

Working out at a gym vs. Working out at home


Goodlife Fitness is affordable and has more than 350 locations across Canada. 
$450 a year

A collection of Tony Horton’s P90X videos (a CrossFit-style home exercise regimen) will run you $150. But for the truly frugal, there’s always YouTube. Free!


You never know who you’ll run into. Invest in head-to-toe Lululemon and a pair of fresh Adidas. 

You’ll need to wear something. Or invest in heavy curtains. Some Old Navy sweats and a pair of decent shoes are all you need. 

🏋️​​​​​​​  THE GEAR

You don’t need to bring your own gear to the gym silly. You just might need some fungal spray.

All you need is a decent mat and a few free weights.
$75 (three x $25)


Gym $750
Home $200

You could save $550!

Okay, time for some real talk: It takes just as much will power to drag your sorry butt to the gym as it does to schlep down to the basement. If you really want to make your new fitness regimen stick the best way is to buddy up. Studies show that we’re more than three times more likely to stick to a goal if we track our progress with a peer. It’s what psychologists call a commitment device. But there’s nothing stopping you from inviting a friend to work out with you at home. The real question is, once you’re working out at home with friends, what are you going to do with all the money you’re saving?

Make saving as easy as spending

Set a goal and make it happen.