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About Us

We want to change the way people think about money.

Our diverse team of behavioural scientists, engineers, software designers and finance experts has one goal: to help people make better money decisions. Our innovative tools and methods are grounded in Nobel Prize–winning research. Spending money is easy. Saving money is hard. By leveraging proven tactics from behavioural science, we can tackle some of the biggest challenges influencing our financial decision-making.

Why behavioural science?

  • 1

    Money is abstract

    But the things we want are not. We save better when we anchor on concrete goals.

  • 2

    Getting started is hard

    It’s easier when we start small. We defeat inertia when we identify and eliminate barriers to saving.

  • 3

    Changing habits is really hard

    We may have good intentions, but we need advice and coaching to turn it into action.

  • 4

    Maintaining momentum is really, really hard

    We perform better when we feel a persistent sense of progress and interaction with our goals.