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Earn rewards for saving with Evree

Get the financial coaching app that rewards you for saving money for the things you want most.

Saving with Evree is simple and rewarding

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    1 Create a goal

    Give your money a purpose. It’s easier to make trade-offs when you know what you’re saving for.

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    2 Save money faster

    Get nudged with good-for-you challenges and rewards so you can reach your goals quicker than ever.

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    3 Get rewards

    Collect points that can be exchanged for great rewards like Amazon gift cards.
    *Restrictions apply. See

Motivating features.
All free.

  • A smartphone icon is connected to a bank icon through a cord.

    Seamless account integration

    Evree works with your savings account. No need to change banking providers. We’ll track each dollar you contribute toward your goals.

  • Three squares are brought together by a connected arrow pointing upwards.

    Multiple goals

    Saving for a vacation and paying off debt? No problem. Evree helps you set priorities and manage all your goals.

  • A large trophy.

    Personalized challenges

    Make a pledge, build a new habit and free up money. Evree keeps you accountable so you do better.

  • A robot’s head.

    Financial advice

    Complete your financial profile to see how you’re doing and get the personalized financial advice you want.

  • Two hands shaking in agreement.

    Inspiration and coaching

    Get valuable content and unbiased advice so you can make informed decisions about your money.

  • A brain sparking with activity.

    Earn rewards

    Cash in points for exclusive rewards like Amazon gift cards to help you reach your goals even faster.

“The decisions and actions we make are more emotive than we think”

Daniel Kahneman


Fast automatic everyday decisions


Slow rational complex decisions

Behavioural Science and Evree

Evree uses behavioural science to help you make better money decisions, build new habits and save toward your goals. We nudge you with personalized coaching, challenges and reminders to make sure you stay on track.