Make saving as easy as spending

Get the financial coaching app that helps you save more money and achieve your goals faster.

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An iPhone displays the Active Goals page of the Evree app.

Saving with Evree is simple

  • 1A man excitedly looks over three labelled jars filled with cash.

    1. Connect your account

    Link your bank account to collect all the money you will save and set yourself up for success.

  • 2A woman smiles while using the Evree app on her smartphone.

    2. Create a goal

    Define what’s important to you. Name your goal, set how much you’ll need and when you’ll need it.

  • 3A woman in a shoe store holds a pair of $100 shoes while imagining herself on a tropical vacation.

    3. Save money faster

    Get nudged with good-for-you challenges and rewards so you can reach your goals quicker than ever.

Killer features. All free.

  • A smartphone icon is connected to a bank icon through a cord.

    Seamless integration

    Evree works with your savings account. Just connect and go. No need to change banking providers.

  • Three squares are brought together by a connected arrow pointing upwards.

    Multiple goals

    Saving for a vacation and a car? No problem. Evree helps you set priorities and manage your goals.

  • A large trophy.

    Personalized challenges

    Make a pledge, build a new habit and free up money. Evree keeps you accountable so you do better.

  • A robot’s head.

    Earn badges

    Make saving fun with fresh trophies for making progress and staying dedicated to your goals.

  • Two hands shaking in agreement.

    Redeem rewards
    Coming Soon!

    Trade points for exclusive deals and gift cards to help you reach your goals even faster.

  • A brain sparking with activity.

    Inspiration and coaching

    Get personalized content and unbiased advice so you can make informed decisions about your money.

Make saving as easy as spending

Start saving with the financial coaching app that helps you achieve your goals faster.

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